The SDK allows you to easily create lots of new plugins...

To download the SDK click here.

You can also find a appwizard for Visual Studio here. To install it, you just need to extract all the file in your Visual Studio appwizard directory and to restart it ! (The directory is: $VSDIR\Common\MSDev98\Template, with $VSDIR which represents the root directory of Visual Studio)

Note: if you download the appwizard you don't need to download the sdk, this one is include in the appwizard.

You can also download the sdk help file generated by doxygen here.


Klients was an internet tool to provide an easy way to communicate with friends connected to a university chat server.

Using a plugin system, users was able to increase the field of this software. And, to improve the possibilities of this first version, I decided to restart with a full new architecture, more powerful, more reliable.

Here started a new implementation of Klients from scratch.

In March 2004, went out the first release candidate of Klients 2.00.

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